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Air SS Top Up Diver
(French Certificate Classe II Mention A)

Mixed Gas Closed Bell Diver
(French Certificate Classe III Mention A)

IMCA Courses:


Diver Medic Technician  And  Refresher
Air - Assistant Bell Supervisor
Life Support Technician

NDT with LLOYD's Register Examination

Other Courses 2018

INPP Training Dpt Contacts


Under the authority of the government, INPP is :

  • National Training Centre for issuance of Certificates of competence in Underwater and Hyperbaric professional activities.

Operational personnel: Commercial and Industrial divers, Submersible pilots, ROV
Operators - HSE, IMCA and IDSA recognition of INPP Certificates.
Assistance personnel: Engineers, Technicians, Medical Doctors and Nurses.
Survival-Rescue-Safety: Sea-going personnel of Merchant Marine, Civil Aviation, Oil Offshore activities.

  • Standardisation Bureau for Hyperbaric and Underwater activities (BNAAH)
  • Notified body n°0078 for European standardisation EPI
  • Certification Centre COFREND (Mediterranean and South Atlantic Centre) for Non Destructive Testing (surface and underwater procedures) - CSWIP recognition
  • Operational Evaluation Centre (Teams for Surface & Underwater activities)
  • Hyperbaric Security : Assistant - Consultant - Approved for Expertise Inspection - Audit - Documentation (France and International)
  • Member of :
    • European Diving Technology Committee (E.D.T.C.)
    • International Marine Contractors Association (I.M.C.A.)
    • International Diving School Association (I.D.S.A.)
    • E&P Forum


INPP - Entrée n°3 - Port de la Pointe Rouge – BP 157 - 13267 Marseille - France - Tél: + 33 496 140 940 - Fax: + 33 491 738 301 - info@inpp.org


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